7 amazing features of color OS

ColorOs: Every Smartphone company is creating its own interface. Xiaomi has MiUi. Similarly, Oppo has ColorOs. Color OS has some amazing and unique features. Let’s see 7 cool amazing features of Color Os.

Here are the top 7 amazing features of Color OS:

  • Full-screen multitasking.

This feature really comes in handy when we are busy with some other tasks like youtube in your smartphone, and suddenly a message from what’s app comes, you do not need to close the youtube app and go to whats app and reply for the message. There comes a feature called Full-screen Multitasking. without exiting from the app we can view the message from whats app and messages app and we can reply to it.

  • Game space

Every time while playing games, we get irritated seeing notifications and calls. Which disturbs gameplay. Oppo developed an amazing feature called “Game Space” in their color OS. It does optimization on games, block notifications, Graphics Acceleration, and lot more.

  • Clone Apps

Using this feature we can have two Facebook apps and what’s app in a single device.

  • Inbuild Screen recorder

This is an amazing feature especially for youtubers and content creators.so, You do not have to install any 3rd party applications to record your phone screen. Just tap on the screen recording option in the Notification bar and start recording your smartphone screen with audio.

  • VIP Contacts

This is an amazing feature according to me. You can select a contact and add them as a VIP contact.
If your mobile is in silent mode or Do Not Disturb mode if the person whom you added as a VIP contact calls or send you a text message, Your phone Ringtone rings. Therefore you don’t miss any important calls like, call from your Girlfriend😉😂

  • Smart and Convenient

This is a submenu in the settings. It offers various features like changing Navigation Keys, Gestures and Motion and Smart Driving.

  • Smart Assistant

This option has various features like step tracking. Creates collage videos from your most recent photos and you can add favourite contacts in one tap.

In conclusion, however, it has amazing features, I personally do not like to use color Os. But, I liked these features in Color OS.

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