7 Android App settings you must change

We use a lot of Android apps for our day to day tasks. Most of the commonly used apps are Google Maps, What’s App, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, G-mail. There are many hidden settings in these apps. Enabling those settings let you use these apps like a PRO.

The Apps in which you have to change the settings:

1. Facebook

Facebook is an app with more than millions of users all over across the world. People use Facebook in many ways. For Bussiness, Getting new friends, Chat with existing friends and even for Elections Campaigns.

For example: During Elections, you can see your friends posting random political posts which are annoying.

Definitely, you can’t Unfriend him😂
You don’t even have to Block him.
Facebook provides a Snoozing feature. In which you can snooze the posts from your friend for 30 days. Whenever you see an annoying post, You can snooze the particular person for 30 days, by

  • clicking on the 3 dotted lines on the Top-Right corner of the post.
  • click on Snooze.

snooze option fb

Therefore, you won’t see any annoying posts that you won’t like.

2. Gmail

Gmail is an important app that we use daily. We receive lots of important emails and also spams. To delete spams or unwanted messages, we need to long press on the message and click on the 3 dotted lines and click Delete.
I think it is a long process.

We can just use “Swipe Gestures” and swipe right or left to delete messages. By default, if you swipe left, the mail will move to archive. You can also customise swipe gestures to different actions like Delete, Move to, etc.

  • Go to General Settings in Gmail.
  • Click on Swipe Actions.
  • Choose Right Swipe to delete or Left Swipe to delete.

swipe actions gmail

Similarly, you can also choose some other actions for right and left swipe gestures.

3. Instagram

Many of us are addicted to Instagram. However, we use it for more than an hour daily. Similarly, there are people who use Instagram for more than 6 hours daily.  As a result, we lose a lot of time. There is an option in Instagram that reminds us, in some particular interval that we set or in other words, there is an option that allows us to limit the time we waste on Instagram.

  • Go to “Your Activity” on Instagram.
  • You will see the stats of your time that you spent on Instagram.
  • Click Set Daily Remainder.
  • Choose any time. say 30 minutes.
  • Instagram will Remind you in 30 minutes.

However, it remained us, it is in our hand to avoid using it.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps is an app which is useful for Travellers, Food Delivery like swiggy, cabs, etc.

google maps dark mode

There is a UI called “Dark Mode”. Which looks great and consumes less power in smartphones. You should definitely enable it to get a great User Experience.

  • Go to settings in Google Maps.
  • Click on Navigation Settings.
  • Change map display from Automatic to Night.


The next time you Navigate, UI will be dark and gives a great user experience.


youtube incognito

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine as all know. Whenever you click on some lame video and watch it, your youtube feed will fill up with similar kind of video recommendations which is annoying.

Youtube has an incognito mode. You can watch whatever you want. History, Watch Time won’t be recorded.

  • Click on your icon on the top right corner of the youtube app.
  • Click on Incognito mode.
  • Happy YouTube! 😜😂

6. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the widely used browser around the world. It comes pre-installed on every android smartphones. You can change lots of features like style, User interface and lot more.

chrome flags
chrome flags
  • Head over to chrome://flags
  • Change any settings you want.
    (WARNING: Kindly read the details of the settings and Enable or Disable it)
  • You can use this URL both in smartphone and Pc.

7. Gmail Security

There are times that you need to send sensitive information like bank account, Passwords, Important files or Documents. You can’t be sure that the receivers Gmail app will not be opened by others.

gmail condefential mode

Gmail has an amazing feature called “Confidential Mode”. This feature allows us to set the expiry time for your mail. You can set it for 1 day. So that, the mail will be removed from the receivers account after 1 day.

  • Go to the email composing page.
  • Click on the 3 dotted lines on the top right corner.
  • Click on Confidential Mode.
  • Set Expiry Time. Say, 1 day or 1 week or even 5 years.
  • You can also set Password for Gmail that you sent.

You don’t have to sent password via mail itself. Google will take care of it by sending it to the receivers mobile.
Just Google things😁

These were the 7 android app settings that you must change! Hope you guys like it.

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