5 Best Ways To Create a Strong and Secure Password

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Creating a strong password is an important thing that we must do to protect our online accounts from hackers or our friends from accessing it. Strong password in the sense does not mean that you can keep your pet name or your favourite place, food as a password. Because it is easy for your friends to guess.

What Makes a Strong Password?

  • A Strong password can be created using the Random Combination of Numbers, Lower & Uppercase letters, Symbols.
  • It should be 16 in Length.
  • Don’t use the same passwords for different sites.

Example of a Strong Password: qYh28/dS-b$xn^Zk

Do you think someone could guess this? Comment Below!

Another Challenging task is to remember this password. The example password does not make any sense literally. How To Remember this?

You don’t have to remember it. Google remembers it for you. Before that let us see, 7 Best Ways To Create a Strong and Secure Password.

  • Method 1: Using Online Password generator

passwordgenerator.net thelordtech

This a very useful website that helps us to create a strong password! There is an option to select the length of the password. Select 16 and check all the necessary checkboxes and click on generate the password button. A Unique Password will be created. Copy and paste it on any websites like Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, etc…

  • Method 2: Using Qwerty keyboard

qwerty keyboard secure password

As PC and Smartphones use the QWERTY keyboard, Create a pattern as shown in the picture above, to create a strong password. Use any pattern and remember it. Obviously, it cannot be guessed by anyone. Similarly, it is necessary that its length should be greater than or equal to 16.

  • Method 3: Using Password Generator app

PASSWORD generator thelordtech

If you want to create a password using a smartphone, you can create it by using the website password generator as mentioned above or you can also use this Password Generator app. Download

  • Method 4: Use uncommon words

Everyone will think of some uncommon words or names. Create a new word using your likes and dislikes. So that it will be easy to remember and make sure its length is greater than 16.

  • Method 5: Google Password Suggestions

google password suggester

Whenever you try to create a new password on Chrome Browser, it suggests a random secure password. If you choose that password, it will automatically save the password. Whenever you enter the site, just type your username, the password will be filled automatically by Chrome itself.

How to Remember Passwords?

As I mentioned above, you don’t have to remember any passwords. It’s just an easy process.

For PC:

  1. Use Save Password feature in Browser.
  2. Use Chrome Extention: Password Manager.

For Smartphone:

  1. Use any Password manager available on Google Play store.
  2. Use the Google Password Manager.
  3. If you are using any website in chrome, and if you have already saved the password in chrome it will fill automatically.

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