Top 5 must have Laptop Gaming Accessories for gamers

5 gaming accessories gamers must have

These are the top 5 laptop gaming accessories that all gamers must have.

  1. TopMate C5 Laptop Cooler:

laptop cooler

Playing games means giving your laptop a lot of loads.  Gaming on your laptop causes the CPU and GPU to heat up quickly which is not at all good. Heat is the number one problem which brings down the life of the hardware in the laptop.

Topmate c5 cooler comes with not two but five fans which draw out the heat from the laptop and lets you enjoy playing in your laptop without getting your fingers burned. It also comes with led lighting, which gives it a rough gamer aesthetic, and a built-in LCD screen controller which lets you control the fan speed and mode.


  1. Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad

game controller


Redgear Pro Gamepad is the best wireless gamepad that can be found in the market which lets you experience console-level control. The battery life is especially good. On a single charge, you can play for 10-11 hours straight. This controller also comes with backlit illuminated keys, which allows you to play in the dark or low light conditions without worries. For first-person shooter fanatics, the controller has a dedicated button known as the turbo button which lets you customize the way in which the guns shoot.


  1. RedGear Dragonwar ELE-G9 Wired Gaming mouse:

wired mouse thelordtech

If Gamepad feels a little tough to control in first person shooting games and you feel that you are not able to get more head-shot, Try RedGear’s Dragonwar Gaming mouse. It has a bright gamer look to it and has 7 customizable buttons and DPI tuner. The mouse is wired so there will be little to no response delay during gaming sessions.


  1. Razer Cortex:

razor game booster

This one is a software and not an external accessory. This software helps to improve the performance of your pc by suspending unwanted processes in your pc while gaming and boosting RAM. This, in turn, increases the games fps and overall performance.


  1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset:

gaming headphone thelordtech

This is the ideal headset for gamers who prefer superior sound quality and comfort. It weighs only 275 grams and the memory foam provides comfort to your ear, has the feature of flip to mute microphone. It is also compatible with other platforms like ps4 and Xbox one.


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