YouTool – All in One App for YouTubers

YouTool – App Made For YouTubersyoutool

YouTool is an app made by a tech youtuber from TamilNadu, India. This app has 4 major features:

  1. Youtube Thumbnail downloader.
  2. Real-time Subscribers counter.
  3. Description maker.
  4. Tags Extractor.
  • Youtube Thumbnail downloader:

This Feature in this app helps you to download the thumbnail of any youtube video in High-Quality PNG format. Not all YouTubers upload High-Quality thumbnails. So, if high-quality thumbnail is not available in the youtube server, then this app will download the next quality thumbnail.

  • Real-time Subscribers counter:

This is a well-known feature. You can check your channel’s subscribers count, Total Views in Realtime. You can also create a widget in which you can track your subscribers count in the home screen of your phone!

  • Description maker:

This is an amazing feature! This is a note-taking app. In YouTubers language its “Description Maker”. What makes it so special is that it will store all your notes in the cloud. So that you can access your Description (or) Notes in any smartphone with your valid credentials.

  • Tags Extractor:

This feature will be a very useful feature for all YouTubers. You can view all the tags used in the video just by pasting the link in the app! You can add those tags in the video and improve your video views!

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